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Pi Day, 2011 – After a decade, the Golden Fetch is done!


Halloweekend, 2010 – Wow, is it the site’s anniversary already? Um, here, have an entire new chapter of the Golden Fetch!


Ludi Plebeii, 2009 – Shucks, I’ve been linked on scifiwire! I wonder how they found it.


Day of the Dead Eve, 2009 Happy Halloween!


Ratcatcher’s Day, 2009 – I started doing original comic stories in summer of 1999, 10 years ago, so here’s some wallpaper to celebrate the milestone. Also, Chapter 2 of Golden Fetch is finally

done, just two more to finish it!


All Saints’ Eve, 2008 – Third anniversary, but not much to show for it. Well, there’s a little new stuff on the comics page, including the start of a new series, which will be updated whenever I can make the time (I was planning more, but got delayed). Starting a new series was probably a bad idea, but I’ll get back to working on Obnoxious Undead in due time.


Mardi Gras, 2008 – No, I haven’t been on writer’s strike, just busy. Anyway, the re-mastered 1930’s project is up on the Movies page, and I’ll try to get some new comic pages in soon. Also, the Golden Fetch script has been recovered, and it may be redrawn just in time for the (gasp) tenth anniversary of the original story.


Free Comic Book Day, 2007 – I’ll be able to do more creative work now that it’s summer, so updates on The Obnoxious Undead should be more frequent for a few weeks. In the mean time I started a section for random illustrations tying in to the series here. Also, in honor of Free Comic Book day, new comic-related art is in the fan art section.


Epiphany, 2007 – This front page hasn’t had an update for a while, due entirely to lack of actual news to post. I’m still posting things to the comic page and occasionally to the fan art page, but the current movie project has been put off for a while and I haven’t been motivated to work on the Toho database.

I did geek out a bit and sent a lengthy piece of mail about Japanese cult films to the Mondo Movie podcast, which they read on their show #42 (huzzah!).


Hallowe’en Eve Eve, 2006 – The site’s first anniversary!  The Obnoxious Undead Chapter 3 has been started, and a few “new” (old, but new to the site) things are up on the movie page.


US Constitution Day, 2006 The Obnoxious Undead Chapter 2 is now complete! A bonus short story is also available, and is included with it on the zip file. Chapter 3 is on the way!

In other news, for those of us that have a hard time remembering www.the-obnoxious-undead.com (and I’ve had a few complaints), this site is now redirected to from www.goldenfetch.com. I hope this makes things easier.


ID4 Eve, 2006 - Added a movies section, rather than actually update the other pages. Only one short (of relatively terrible quality) is posted, but a feature-length project is in pre-production now. It has been for a couple years, actually, so it will probably take quite a while before so much as a trailer goes up on the site, but work on storyboards and whatnot is the reason for the infrequency of the comic updates.

pril Fool’s Day, 2006- Ah, April 1, that magical day when you can’t go anywhere or do anything without being lied to constantly. To celebrate, here are some lies:
» The comic is coming along nicely, and not being impeded at all by my massive school workload.
» I have not started work on some brand new Golden Fetch- related art.
» I did not win the runner-up prize at TitansGo.net for that Teen Titans fan art picture.
» Stomp Tokyo is not my absolute favorite cult movies podcast.
» The Aliens page still hasn't been added yet.
» I will not kill the next person who says: "Oh, yeah, Gators in the Final Four against George Mason, baby; it's going to be awesome, baby" to me.

aint Valentine’s Day, 2006- Well, I originally intended to upload the Aliens section to the Toho Universe page today, but Media Blasters delayed the Space Amoeba DVD again, so that’s out.
I have done a little bit of an obligatory holiday update in the form of unused character designs from the Golden Fetch, now posted, and a little more in the fanart page if you haven’t checked it (Namely a Teen Titans fan art that will explain the lack of comic-related updates). Expect the Aliens section up shortly after Space Amoeba becomes available, and I’ll probably do some updates for other stuff, too. I’ll do more stuff for Obnoxious Undead in the mean time, I promise.

Oh, and to make sure nobody in a certain fanatical religious movement gets too offended, the guy on the far left in this picture is Sinbad, not Muhammad. They look really, really different. Really, if you put pictures of both next to each other for comparison…. Oh, wait, never mind.

New Year’s Day, 2006- Reformatting! Because some people can’t do zip files, individual comic pages are now up, including ones for incomplete chapters, because some people like that, too.

X-mas Day, 2005- Well, the Toho Database has been started. All that’s up right now is a timeline and links, but I hope to get more stuff up as it becomes available.
Toho Universe Database

X-mas Eve, 2005- Those hoping for a new comic chapter today… um, sorry. That goes for those hoping for the Toho Database, also. My computer’s been sort of wacky lately,
and I caught a bit of a cold myself coming off of final exams. None the less, I am mostly recovered and back to working on both, and am certainly not getting distracted by the Twilight Zone,
Ultraman Nexus, and Teen Titans fan-made music videos. Really.
A Christmas Present A little commission piece I did for some Christmas card thing.

Thanksgiving, 2005- I’m working at the moment on both Chapter 2 of the Obnoxious Undead and on a massive, obsessive-compulsive database of information on the Toho Universe,
both of which I hope to have up within a month or so. In the meantime, I've thrown together a page with some random fan art that's on my hard drive:
Fanart Page
If any readers have fan art they want to post (fan art for Obnoxious Undead especially welcome), give me an email.

All Hallow's Eve Eve, 2005- Finally got this silly thing to work! I finished chapter one of this new comic on the 27th, and have been trying to get a site together since then.
I think I've found the right host now, and all should be well. This site will eventually serve as a distribution point for the comics currently I'm writing (and possibly some of the older ones),
as well as a database for some of my favorite monster-related stuff.
In the meanwhile, enjoy chapter one (and a brief foreword) of my latest and most horrific comic endeavor, The Obnoxious Undead:
Chapter 1
I actually wrote this one myself, i.e. not with Braylan, so please be kind.
Due to  a request for one of the horror comics Braylan and I did back in high school, I present the first (of four) chapter of Alex in Wonderland: the Golden Fetch.
Chapter 1