Films of the 1930’s- Here, in its ghastly glory, is the infamous Decade Project, exactly as it appeared when first screened to our history class back in 11th grade. Those with a keen eye will notice that the video quality, editing, and acting, are, in fact, utter crap. This short was frantically scrapped together by the five of us the same week it was due (coincidentally the same week Spider-man came to theaters, I took my driver’s license test, and Braylan “didn’t get caught having kinky bondage fun with Michele behind the gym”*), so there wasn’t much time for us to do something really quality. It didn’t help that it took 3 days just to get Andrew to pronounce “Svalbard”.

We didn’t get to do half the films we wanted to, as we originally planned to include Frankenstein, Reefer Madness, Wizard of Oz, and more. Russell did all the editing himself, and was working essentially until it was due, using film instead of digital methods, accounting for several mystery frames of seemingly unrelated home video. In addition, some notice that the film makes reference to the non-present Neville Chamberlain.....don’t ask, we don’t know quite what we were thinking either.

Ever since this was first made, we’ve been talking about going back to the original tapes and remastering the thing. If that happens, I’ll put it here, but I’ll still keep up this flawed, original version, for the sake of nostalgia, like a blooper real. The glaring errors are funnier than whatever we wrote, anyway.

Runtime ~17 Minutes               

*this is slanderous; he assures me it was actually behind the art building


The Film – AVI format, DIVX & MP3, 128 MB (I should make it smaller, I know), 

Remastered – NEW!!! m4v format, 215 MB  

The Script – Because the film by itself is at times unintelligible




Faculty Death Match- Finally uploaded to the internet, this is a claymation project in the style of MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch, only with the faculty of Oak Hall Upper School. The students of Mr. Ponzio’s art class made this back in the day, and, much to our chagrin, it was banned on campus for a long time. Teachers all provided their own voices, too.


The Stone of Kalabar- A kick-ass flash movie made by my pal Brian, starring my pal Carter. They made this in about a week, also for Ponz's class.


Home Made- A music video for Rob Zombie’s “How to Make a Monster” made by my roommate Sam during Freshmen year. The most fun bit about this was walking around filming at 3AM, covered in fake blood, carrying the camera equipment around in trash bags. I’m sure we looked very suspicious to any passers-by that happened to see us. DIVX format, 43MB.


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