Miscellaneous Artwork - Also known as my attempts at fan art.


A Christmas Card that I was commissioned to do last year. I don’t know if it really belongs here, but whatever.


Shop Smart This is my first Photoshop coloring job. The pic itself was drawn while paying close attention to the math class, really.

Versus! I have fun with one of my favorite movies. I hope the honorable and extremely underrated Tak Sakaguchi doesn't beat me up for it.

Group of Extraordinary Guys A spoof off the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume 1 cover, set in the 1980's.

An early attempt at Godzilla art circa 1996-ish.


Fun House A failed attempt to keep awake during a Chemistry discussion class.


Titans’ top 100 My top 100 favorite characters from the Teen Titans TV show. This was started on the day the final episode aired, and finished the day the first season hit DVD.


Joxer the Mighty! Xena marathons + insomnia = “Blood...valor...and victory! Ha-ha!” I’m still puzzled why they never made an action figure of that guy.


House of Universal What started on Halloween as a sketch of Frankenstein’s Monster to keep myself amused between trick-or-treaters eventually expanded to cover the whole page, with the famous classic monsters from Universal Studios. Now I’ve planned to make it the first of an eventual triptych.


BPRD out to lunch I bet they normally do take-out.


Cassie Hack I thought about drawing her with the trench coat, but opted for fan-service instead. The background was actually an afterthought.


CHANGE! See, it’s funny because the Obama poster is red and blue like Kikaider and both shout “change” and are popular in Hawaii and…eh, it’s not really.


A Supernatural Venture Based on that show with the brothers.


Japanese Wedding My friend got married in Japan, which I imagine looked a little like this.


Artist Tributes – A series of montages I’m doing, each focusing on the characters of a prolific creator, drawn in my own style.

Osamu Tezuka

Rumiko Takahashi


Other People’s Fan Art


Leonard Khan A picture by Russell Lipoff of one of the characters from The Golden Fetch.


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