Alien Beings


Name Unknown


These human-sized aliens came to Mondo Island from another galaxy for the purpose of collecting biological specimens. Mistaking King Kong (2) for the primary race of being on the planet, they fled in fear.




Saeki Karin                                                                                                     Akelon ship


Part of the Uofu Manafu, a being from Akelon was the first to battle against the reassembled Gransazers. Later, it was an Akelon named Ruby that brought Sazer Tarious before the Uofu Manafu high council to end the invasion of Earth. Most Akelons on Earth were cloned from the first one to fight the Sazers, as part of a military experiment. Powers include taking human forms, super-human strength, energy beams from forehead, extendable arms, telekinesis, and the ability to become a 63-meter-tall monster with enough energy from their ship or a crystal. In monster form, they can shoot energy beams from the shoulders.



Atlantans in stasis, leader Karell on the right                                    Atlantis on the ocean                                                                                      Atlantis as a spaceship                                   

Automated computer system

Atlantis was an alien colony on Earth several thousand years in the past, but was submerged due to a natural disaster. In order to escape the disaster, the Atlantans went into suspended animation, but were kept there for far longer than they had hoped due to a malfunction in the Colossus, the city’s guardian robot. When Godzilla (2) destroyed the Colossus, the Atlantans were released, and promptly returned to their homeworld. Technologies include time travel, holograms, and teleportation/tractor beams.



A group of aliens from the remote planet Beta were at constant war with the planet Megan. The Betans pitted Godzilla (2) against their Beta Beast, and decided to use him against the Mega Monsters. Though the Betan base on Earth’s moon was destroyed during the coming battle, it ultimately ended with a peace between Beta and Megan.


Bizzle Aliens


Part of the Uofu Manafu, the people of Bizzle utilize inter-dimensional travel for combat. They can access the alternate dimensions by way of gateways, usually disguised as mirrors, or with a special gun that sends targets there. Their weapon of choice, however, is a staff with energy beams at each end.


Black Hole Aliens


True form                                                        Kuronuma                                                       Mugal


From the third planet from a black hole, these aliens are a brutal nation who demand absolute loyalty from their subordinates, and do not hesitate to use corporal punishment. With their own world dying, the planet declared a sort of “manifest destiny” approach to other planets, conquering using their superior robotic weapons, such as the All-terraintula and Mechagodzilla 2. They are genetically modified to take human forms at will, though any damage done to their visage will reveal a “scar” of their true form (See Kuronuma above).



An energy-absorbing outlaw, capable of projecting and blocking energy attacks. Killed by Sazer Dail.


Cyber Knights

                                    Dr. Zora (1st form)                              2nd form                                                           Giant form                                                            Zora’s ship

Zaurus                         Molguiless                                           Gildros                                    Gildros (giant form)                Armor Gunner

Armor Gunner (giant form)                            Rhinoslave                               Zekard                                     Rajimeus                                    Gundelon

Created by Dr. Zora, the Cyber Knights have high combat power, along with special weapons and armors that vary for each individual. All can teleport; certain knights are capable of changing their height at will. Dr. Zora herself was destroyed and reborn before being destroyed by the Justirisers.




A telepathic race that, in an alternate timeline, fought a war against Earth. They can disguise their ships as Earthling aircraft.



Soldiers of the Neo Descal, from 2500 A.D. Possibly related to Gigfighters.


Dest Commandos

Bacchus                                               Gillmond                                             Basky                                       Destalan

Older Twin Knight                              Younger Twin Knight                          Combined Twin Knights                                 Danhauser

Bacchus’s ship

Under the command of General Bacchus, they serve as Kaiser Hadess’s elite guard, with unique powers and weapons varying per commando.




Dianii Warriors                                                                                               Dianii Female                                     Dianii Ship

Standing at around 25 meters tall, the Dianii are a warrior people that hunt daikaijuu for sport, with nets, spears, bows and arrows. A 6-man hunting party of theirs came to Earth seeking to slay Bagorah, but opted instead to hunt Godzilla (2) when they found Bagorah injured. None of the party survived. Dianii are enemies of the Black Hole Aliens.



An alien soldier killed in the original battle between Earth and the Uofu Manafu. 400 million years later, his ghost possessed a human astronaut, to be later exorcised by Sazer Tarious.



Policeman from Planet Agente. Killed by Criminel.


Frios Ice People


Commander Cryos                                                                                                                  Soldiers          

The people from the Asteroid Frios will melt at a high temperature, thus making climate control very important to them. In addition to freezing pistols, their ship had a magnetic generator, used in their attempted conquest of Earth, to draw Frios towards Earth on a collision course. Godzilla (2) turned their ship upside down, repelling the asteroid, and scaring the ice people away.




The people from Gadal manufacture Gigfighters, as well as other weapons, for the Uofu Manafu and Descal. They fight using weapons called Dead Spears, and can shoot energy blasts from their fingers.




Belzeus                                                Belzeus’s ship                                      Alghoul                                    Gogyan                                                Brighton

Soldiers from the Uofu Manafu, from Planet Garba. Algoul’s powers included the Garba Shield (an energy shield), and energy waves for attack. Gogyan could shoot energy blasts from his hands. Both had superhuman strength. Brighton, a public relations figure for the Uofu Manafu, did not seem to have super strength, and was human in appearance.

Belzeus, the Uofu Manafu commander in charge of the attack on Earth, was also Garban. He was defeated by the Gransazers and arrested by Impactor Logia. His weapons included a lash that fired energy from the end, as well as a force field.




Gold Garoga                                                                           X Squad


Garoga base                                                                           FighterShip

The Garoga Empire is responsible for more daikaijuu attacks on Earth than any other, all of which were defeated by either Zone Fighter, whose homeworld of Peaceland was destroyed by the Garoga, or Godzilla (3). The Garoga have a very ruthless personality, and a strict caste system, with Gold Garoga leader and the gold-skinned Garogas at the top, followed by the red and white, and silver-skinned at the bottom doing most of the physical labor, but possessing the least physical strength. Oddly enough, the super-elite Garoga X squadron are silver-skinned, but given the greatest weapons, as well as the ability to blind people through eye contact. Garoga agents can take human forms, which are nearly flawless, except for the webbed hands, and some can combine to take the forms of daikaijuu (see Red Spark, Spylar, Deadragon, Grotogauros in the Daikaijuu section). The Garogas’ antennae can be removed and used as weapons. The Garogas’ use of the daikaijuu King Ghidorah (0) and Gigan (1) in attacks suggests a relationship with the M. Hunter Nebulans.




Gigfighters                                                      Gigfighter Capsule

 Mute, disposable soldiers of the Uofu Manafu, Gigfighters are usually stored in tiny capsules until they are needed. They were later used by the Descal.



 Hero from the planet Fire God. Capable of flight, changing size to fight kaijuu, and shooting bullets from his gloves.


Golphin Alien

 Able to generate sonic blasts, but can be cancelled out by certain marine mammals.



From the planet Green, a giant hero similar to Godman, a friend of children, and an enemy of Maoh. Powers include growing to giant size, as well as an eye beam (both to blind or damage), a black fog that nullifies attacks, a sonic mouth beam, an energy bullet from his chest, arrows from his legs, and electrical shocking hands. He is armed with the Greenman Stick, which can fire energy blasts, and his ears could be removed and used as boomerangs. Greenman requires 100 V in order to go into action.




Sealed form                                                                 Normal form                                                               Giant form


Hadess’s 1st ship                                  the “Black Meteo

Kaiser Hadess organized an attack against Earth 450 years ago, in order to gain control of its Justipower, but was sealed by Nolun, using special plates arranged in the pattern of the Orion constellation. He was released by Dr. Zora, who methodically destroyed the plates. After several battles with the Justirisers, Hadess’ giant form (around 45m tall, and shot blasts from its left arm) was destroyed by Justi Kaiser. Hadess was extremely strong and durable, could fly into space, and was a match for Shirogane in combat.




Radia and Lucia (no armor)                                                                           Impactor commander                             Radia


Lucia                                                               Logia                          Logia’s Transformation Card

A prideful people, reluctantly serving under the Uofu Manafu. Nearly Earthling in appearance, save for long eyelashes and slightly tall stature, Impactor Logia managed to infiltrate Earth forces for a while, setting the groundwork for the arrival of his colleagues Radia and Lucia. When both were killed by the Gransazers, Logia disobeyed high command in order to get his revenge, which ultimately turned out fruitless. Logia eventually sided with the Sazers to overthrow Belzeus, though they did not condone his brutal methods. Like the Gransazers, Impactors transform into armor for combat, each with different weapons and abilities. While Logia fought using the Dailogian for giant combat, Radia and Lucia (against Logia’s wishes) used steroids to grow to 60 and 48 meters tall, respectively, a process that ultimately killed them.


Jupiter Ghost

Spaceships floating in the atmosphere of Jupiter. They range in size from 7 up to 100 miles in length. No contact was ever made with the Jovians, though their transmissions sound much like that of Earth dolphins.




Kilaak (active form)                                       Fire Dragon

The small planet Kilaak, located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, is most famous for instigating the Monster War of 1999. The Kilaaks drop into hibernation whenever their body temperature falls blow 45°C, so they have keep heat in with force-fields whenever they leave their bases/ships. Their trademark technology includes implanting mind-control orbs in the base of the neck, as well as their impressive Fire Dragon class flying saucers, and subterranean bases established both on Earth and its moon.



A mechanical being that came to Earth to wipe out ancient records about the Gransazers. It possessed great strength, toughness, and the power to shoot energy blasts from its forehead.


Leviathan Aliens


Leviathans                                                                              Fighter craft

 For millions of years, the aliens that use Leviathan-class spacecraft have been conquering worlds, not for the raw materials, but for the culture and knowledge each world possesses. Extremely allergic to Earth’s environment, they download their consciousness into human hosts, who are then modified to match the aliens’ appearance. The problem with their hive-mind philosophy, however, is that a constant tachyon pulse must be maintained between the frontlines and their home world, or the invasion will be called off. Special abilities include flight and telepathic abilities, and their vicious guard dogs serve as weapons. Humans under their influence tend to have glowing green eyes.


M Hunter Nebulans

When the ancient peoples of their world destroyed themselves through pollution, the roach-like vermin of M Hunter Nebula became the dominant species. Though they only directly attacked Earth once, they often provide access to their Gigan monsters to Earth-hostile parties, including the Garoga, Planet X, and Seatopia. To infiltrate human society they take human forms, but can be recognized through 1) the fact that they wear mostly neon-orange business suits, 2) their shadows, which cannot be disguised in red light, and 3) the form wearing off at the time of death.


Majin Daruga


Daruga                                    Daruga’s floating platform                                         Throne Room


Kurogane                                Kurogane (giant form)

A warlord and older brother to Kaiser Hadess, Daruga took over the planned invasion of Earth when Hadess was killed. Unlike his brother, Daruga was actually successful in capturing the Riser Power from Demon Knight, granting Daruga the Kurogane armor rightfully belonging to the Risers. After his fleet was decimated by the Earth Defense Force and the Justirisers, Daruga grew to a giant size, but was slain by an equally giant Shirogane.




Maoh                           Tonchiki

Greenman’s enemy from the Dark Nebula Planet, who repeatedly attempted conquest of Earth, using alien minions and daikaijuu. Tonchiki is his effeminate subordinate.


Marius Aliens

Humanoids of the Uofu Manafu, with the power to give life energy to other beings. Giving too much, though, will kill him/her and dissolve the body.




A race that uses War Monsters, the Megans attempted to conquer the Earth in order to fund their war against planet Beta. When Godzilla (2) survived an onslaught from their three strongest, powered-up Mega Monsters, Megan high command decided on peace with Beta. The Megan Energex Ray is designed to bring a War Monster’s power up tenfold.




Ship                                                                 Millenian                                                                                 Orgah

Orgah attempting to eat Godzilla (3)

A being, in its ship, that crashed to Earth in the age of dinosaurs. The ship revived in 1999 after being exposed to sunlight, and promptly began hacking every computer in the vicinity looking for information. Upon discovering the DNA of Godzilla (3), the 40-meter life form emerged from the ship, and attempted to absorb the G-cells into its own body, transforming it into the 60-meter monster Orgah, capable of firing a beam from its left shoulder. Though the creature still had control of the ship, Godzilla managed to destroy both when Orgah attempted to completely swallow him and gain his power.


Milky Way Empire of Messier 13


Commander Hell                     2 other alien races                                          The Daimakan flagship                                               A Hell Fighter

Based on the third planet from the star Yomi, the Milky Way Empire bears an uncanny resemblance to Earth’s ancient Roman civilization. The primary race appears to use at least two other, assumedly conquered alien races as slave labor, and their space-craft are fashioned to resemble galleons. The empire launched an attack on Earth in 1988, when they destroyed New York City among others, but was ultimately defeated when the Gohten ejected its nuclear core during the battle of Venus, vaporizing the planet along with the Hell Fleet.




The planet Mysteroid was destroyed by nuclear war, so its remains scattered into what became the Asteroid Belt. The humanoid beings of Mysteroid’s bodies were contaminated by strontium 90, so all survivors had only a 20% chance of procreating. Eventually, the Mysterians attempted to set up a small, 2 kilometer colony on Earth, and petitioned the Earth’s government for the right to intermarry with Earthlings. This caused a war to break out, and the Mysterians’ dome and Mogera robots were destroyed.




Natal                                                   Dogfighters                                                                                                     Moon base and Mothership                                       

An alien planet that attacked Earth in 1965. Their main offensive weapon was the antigravity beams used by their ships, which would negate the effects of gravity and bring objects to absolute zero, or hurl meteors at targets. They also infiltrated several Earthling governments by abducting humans and planting radio mind-control devices in their brains.



Adorocs                                                           Valgan                                     Gargoid                                                           Gamerion

Almul                                                               Almul(2nd form)                                               Dorag

Special forces serving Daruga under Commander Adorocs, with unique powers for each rejendar. All were destroyed by the Justirisers.




Nolun                                      Armor Bracelet                                              Bridge of ship                                                              Maia and Rigel by Riser’s ocean


Riser resistance                                                           Demon Knight

Riser was a twin planet to Earth in the Orion constellation, destroyed by Kaiser Hadess. Nolun was a scientist from the planet Riser, who discovered Justipower on Earth, used it to seal Kaiser Hadess with the Stellar Ray, and left three battle suits and the Shadestar behind in case of his revival. The few survivors from Riser formed a resistance group against the Daruga Empire. The resistance was ultimately wiped out, but not before Mira restored the memory of Rigel, the legendary hero of Riser and Nolun’s younger brother, who had been taken in by Danhauser and was living as a Dest Commando under the alias Demon Knight. After the defeat of Hadess and Daruga, Demon Knight returned to Riser in Ryuto, with the hopes of reviving the planet. Demon Knight’s armor was accessed through a crystal on his left wrist’s bracelet, his weapon was the Knight Schwert.


Shining Lady

An unknown alien that crashed to Earth in AD 790. Originally encased in a gold shell, the alien sampled human DNA, and began a rapid aging process to almost perfectly imitate the human (the eyes, however, became blue instead of black), gifted with the ability to heal others. The alien, called Kaya, later Kaguya, had no memory of its past, and no clues other than an orb it took with it, eventually used for contacting its people. It returned to space (or in its own words, the moon) on its mother-ship.


Space Amoeba

Amorphous creatures that have evolved beyond physical bodies, yet must enter the bodies of others to affect the physical world. One such creature, Yog, boarded the Helios 7 in the vacuum of space around Jupiter, and rode it back to earth. By bonding with Earth creatures, the Space Amoeba gained influence, and the creatures gained great power, as daikaijuu Gezora, Ganimes, and Kamoebas were created by bonding, as well as a human with 10 times normal strength, and a giant bat. The Amoeba was weak against the sonic waves generated by whales and bats, and was eradicated.


Stone Aliens


Ramon                                                 Jyado                          

Part of the Uofu Manafu, the Stone aliens possess Mad Stones, handheld bombs that can blow up planets. Ramon was betrayed by Jyado, his subordinate, who stole the weapon and detonated it in deep space. Special abilities include permanently fusing with human hosts, draining life energy, and projecting it as a weapon.



From the planet Sheol, Styx is part of the Uofu Manafu. Special abilities include the power to possess the living bodies of other species.




Torendeil was a free world destroyed by the Xilian Zagyres. Torema, who survived the onslaught, became a pirate for a while, and then joined the G-Guard partly for revenge, partly for her ability to communicate with Godzilla. Zigolla, a Godzilla-like creature, once lived on the world.



(no picture available)

The people of Venus were wiped out by King Ghidorah. The sole survivor from the world fled to Earth, and married into the royal family of Selgina. Whenever a member of the royal family is in danger, memories of their Venusian ancestor awaken, along with precognitive abilities.




Vortaak soldier                                                                                   Vorticia          

 A race that conquers lesser planets to plunder resources, the Vortaak have attacked Earth twice, once under direct command from Vorticia, their queen. Trademark technologies include ziggurat-style architecture and green, glowing force-fields.




Controller (c.1965) and subordinates                                                                                                 homogeneous Xilian females


Xilian Saucer                           Xilian Kaiser                           Controller (c. 2035)                                                    Mothership bridge                                                      


Interior                                                                        Mothership                              Controller (c.2097)     Randes                                     the Vabaluda              

From Planet X, just beyond Jupiter, Xilians may be Earth’s closest allies or its worst enemies, depending on the fickle attitude of the Controller, the title given to planet’s current autocrat. Planet X invaded Earth in 1965, 2035, and 2097, due to the planet’s lack of water and the people’s need of mitochondria injections in order to reproduce, though they might have had an easier time simply bartering those resources for gold, which they see as more or less worthless. Separating Xilians from Earth’s humans are a few biological characteristics, namely the earlier stated reproductive problems, sensitivity to high-pitch noises, and mandatory cybernetic implants for tapping directly into computers or piloting ships. Xilians are one of the few people capable of both infiltrating human society directly, or by wearing husks made to look like previously existing earthlings over a crude shell, though the husks do not blink. Xilian ESPers can use mind control on most life forms with M-base in their DNA.




Dr. Zora’s Zakoal       General Bacchuss’s Zakoal    Commander Adorocs’s Zakoal

Soldiers of the Hadess fleet. Color indicates the superior they serve. They wield weapons called Zakonbo, and their bodies dissolve upon death.


Zone Family


Zone Junior, Fighter, and Angel                                 Zone Fighter (giant form)                                          

The humanoid last survivors of Peaceland, a planet destroyed by the Garoga Empire. Of the 6 members of the Zone family that relocated to Earth, three of them were capable of transformation into human-sized warriors, who fought Garoga’s attempted invasion of Earth. Zone Fighter, the oldest of the warriors, was capable of a second transformation, into a 62-meter giant capable of space flight, summoning missile gauntlets to his wrists (Meteor Missile Might), a Zone-barrier force-field, energy boomerangs from his hands, paralyzing mist from his fingers, firing a Meteor Proton Beam from his forehead, electrifying opponents with his Plasma Capsule, “Astral Dash” teleportation, “Meteor Jet” super-speed, and his powerful “Uzi Punch”. Zone Fighter killed many kaijuu sent by the Gold Garoga, sometimes with the help of Godzilla (3), and even driving away King Ghidorah (0). Zone Fighter is fueled by sunlight, though, and when his power is running low, the light on his belt turns from blue to red. Replacing the proton capsule on his forehead restores his power.


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