Timeline of Major Events

Events altered due to time traveling have been underlined.


BC 400,000,000- The Uofumanafu wipe out the Bosquit, as well as Earth’s ancient civilization, leaving only one set of Ultra Star Gods intact. The four Gransazer tribes go into submission.

BC 130,000,000- Mothra Leo, time traveling, destroys Cretaceous King Ghidorah, and receives aid from ancient Mothras.

BC 70,000,000- Millenian ship crashes on Earth.

BC 65,000,000- Godzilla (2), time traveling, battles the Stranger. Leviathan ship crashes on Earth. Death Ghidorah lays waste to Mars before being sealed on Earth by ancient Mothras.

BC 10,000,000- The god Susano seals his brother Tsukuyomi and the monster Yamatono Orochi in a prison in outer space.

BC 3,000,000- Seatopia, a division of the Mu, sinks beneath the ocean.

BC 100,000- Mysteroid destroyed by nuclear war. Refugees moved to Mars and later Earth’s moon.

BC 50,000- Jovians leave hieroglyphs on Mars, Earth, and its moon.

BC 13,000- Dagahra is created by the people of Nilai Kanai.

BC 10,000- M Hunter Nebulans leave Gigan (2) on Earth. Cosmos scientists create 12 weather-controlling machines, causing the Earth to retaliate by creating Battra. Battra destroys the machines, and battles a Mothra to a standstill at the North Pole, resulting in a great flood that nearly eradicates Cosmos civilization, submersing the Mu civilizations in the process.

BC 3,000- King Ghidorah (0) destroys the civilizations on Venus and Mars. Refugees move to Earth and its moon.

0- The three Guardian monsters begin their 10,000 year sleep cycle.

79- Godzilla (2), time traveling, destroys Pompeii.

500- Prince Ousu is renamed Yamato Takeru. His adventures lead to the birth of the Japanese nation.

790- An alien from a crashed ship takes the form of a girl named Kaya, and, renamed Kaguya, sends three men on epic quests.

1200- Settlers coming to Kiryoku-shima are terrorized by Gekido-jin, until an unnamed priest manages to petrify the oni.

1550- The Nolun and Hadess fleets battle over Earth. Kaiser Hadess is sealed by the Stellar Ray plates.

1588- Godzilla (2), time traveling, destroys the Spanish Armada.

1805- The Alpha, flagship of Latitude Zero, launches from Stornaway Harbour.

1906- Godzilla (2), time traveling, destroys San Francisco.

1912- Godzilla (2), time traveling, destroys the Titanic.

1932- The Mu Empire covertly sends new energy sources to Manchuria, to test the surface nations’ technical abilities.

1944- A Godzillasaurus defeats American troops at Lagos Island. It is transported to the Bering Sea by time travelers, and swims from there back to Lagos, possibly picking up energy from a Russian sub on the way. Dorats left on Lagos Island to mutate into the Futurian King Ghidorah.

1945- At the end of WW2, the Ra and the Liberty are retired. Frankenstein’s heart, brought to Japan for study, is irradiated by bombing.

Post 1945- Nuclear testing gives rise to countless mutations.

1954- Godzilla (1) discovered on Odo Island. Along with Soran, Kamerus, and Inagos, it is drawn to Tokyo by the recently unearthed Beacon, and is then destroyed by Dr. Serizawa’s Oxygen Destroyer. American Reporter Steve Martin chronicles the entire event. A secondary Japanese capital is established in Osaka.

1955- Godzilla (2) and Anguirus discovered, they battle in Osaka. Godzilla is trapped in an iceburg.

1956- Two Rodans hatch and rampage. Both are plunged into a volcano, where one is killed.

1957- Mysterian War, brought about by Mysterian refugees attempting to settle on Earth and intermarry with Earthlings. Earth Defense Force founded.

1958- Varan discovered.

1960- Frankenstein’s monster, now fully regrown, becomes giant and fights the monster Baragon. Captain Shark arrives from the future, and with the help of Soujirou Andou, gathers the Cosmo Capsules.

1961- Mothra (1) discovered on Infant Island by Shinichi Chujo. She destroys New Kirk City (Rolisika) when her priestesses are kidnapped.

1962- Godzilla (2) released, battles King Kong (1).

1963- The Mu Empire attacks Venice and Hong Kong, but is almost completely wiped out by the Gotengo.

1964- Mothra (1) killed by Godzilla (2). Mothra (2) born as twins, one presumed killed by Godzilla. Later, Mothra (2), Godzilla (2), and Rodan fight off an attack by King Ghidorah (0). The Earth is also attacked by Dogora space monsters.

1965- An invasion by the Natal destroys several of Earth’s cities, prompting the Earth’s first battle in outer space. Planet X discovered. The first Xilian war proceeds due to X’s lack of water, the first war utilizing kaijuu as weapons.

1966- The gargantuas, remnants of Dr. Frankenstein’s work, kill one another. Godzilla (2) battles Ebirah at the Red Bamboo base, drawn by its nuclear power, and also destroys Japan’s first nuclear plant. Research into plasma energy begins. King Kong (2) befriends the Bond Family, and makes enemies with Dr. Who.

1967- A weather experiment on Sol-Gel Island goes awry, leading the Giant Mantises there to become Kamacuras. Minilla born and adopted by Godzilla (2).

1969- The Alpha destroys the Black Shark in Latitude Zero’s final conflict with Malic.

1970- The Space Amoeba Yog creates Kamebas, Gezora, and Ganime.

1973- Underground nuclear tests cause seismic reactions, prompting Seatopia to create begin infiltration and spying on the surface.

1974- ESPY saves the world from esper terrorist Ulrov.

1977- Godzilla (2) treks across North America.

1978- Godzilla (2)’s ward, Godzooky, rescued by the Calico crew, leading both to follow them for two years.

1982- Earth is moved slightly off its usual orbit to avoid collision with the Gorath star.

1984- Godzilla (2) rampages Tokyo.

1988- The War in Space, between Earth and the Milky Way Empire. Along with many Earth cities, Space Station Terra and the planet Venus are destroyed in the conflict.

1989- Godzilla (2) battles Biollante

1992- Futurian ship arrives to take control of the Futurian King Ghidorah they created in 1944. Godzilla (2) destroys both. Mecha King Ghidorah arrives from the future, and is also destroyed by Godzilla. Godzilla later battles Gekido-jin.

1993- Mothra (3) and Battra battle Godzilla (2). When Battra is killed, Mothra flies into space to divert an asteroid Battra had sworn to destroy.

1994- Godzilla (3) born. Super Mechagodzilla falls to Godzilla (2), recently powered-up from Fire Rodan’s life force. Godzilla (2) becomes Super Godzilla in order to defeat Bagan.

1995- Godzilla (2) destroys Space Godzilla. Dr. Kagaku’s G-Force Team follow the creature across the Pacific coast, leading to first contact with both the Dianii and Black Hole Aliens, as well as a time-travel incident. Due to the second Mu Invasion, the Ra and Liberty are brought back into service. The mysterious “Godzilla Wars” occur, followed by the Doom Island conflict.

1996- Godzilla (2) dies of a nuclear meltdown after fighting Destroyer. Godzilla (3) absorbs the fallout and gains his power. Mothra (3) returns from space, and is killed by Death Ghidorah, who is in turn killed by newborn Mothra Leo.

1997- Mothra Leo becomes Rainbow Mothra to defeat Dagahra.

1998- Zilla (1) rampages through New York, and is shot down by US troops. Zilla (2) is born and is adopted by Dr. Nico Tatopolis, becoming a useful aid to HEAT.

1999- The Monster Wars, a joint attack on Earth from Kilaak and the Leviathan world, destroys all major cities, culminating with an awesome battle at Mt. Fuji. Along with the Earth kaijuu under control, the Kilaaks utilized King Ghidorah (0), making one wonder whether Planet X endorsed the attacks, or simply lost it in the way Earth lost its monsters. Mothra Leo destroys Grand King Ghidorah. Godzilla (3) destroys the Millenian mutation Orgah.

2000- Godzilla (3) battles Megaguirus. Pyrokinetic Junko Aoki overthrows the Guardians.

2001- Godzilla (3) kills the three guardian spirit monsters.

2002- Godzilla (1) is resurrected as Kiryuu. Godzilla (3) fights Hedorah. First Vortaak invasion. Miri comes from the future to avert war with the Daggra.

2003- M. Hunter Nebulans acquire King Ghidorah (0), presumably from the Xilians in exchange for information on the Gigan left on Earth, and use it and Gigan (1) to attack Earth, thwarted by Godzilla (3) and Anguirus. Godzilla kills Kamebas, fights Kiryuu and Mothras (5 and 6) in Tokyo. The Gransazers fend off numerous alien threats.

2004- Seatopians make peace with the M. Hunter Nebulans, and attack earth’s surface with Gigan (1) and Megalon (2), defeated by Godzilla (3) and Jet Jaguar. Zone Fighter kills numerous kaijuu sent to Earth by the Garoga Empire, including Gigan (1). Second Vortaak invasion. The Justirisers fend off numerous alien threats.

2005- Godzilla (3), Angilas, and King  Caesar destroy the Black Hole Aliens’ Mechagodzilla 2. Kyron 5 built. Descal Space Pirates conquer Earth.

2006- Mechagodzilla 2 teams up with Titanosaurus, but Godzilla defeats both.

2009- Blood Heat usage hits an all-time high.

2022- 18th year of DRAGMA, as visited by HEAT. An elderly Mendel Craven leads the resistance.

2025- The Machine Wars, when Kyron 5 attempted world conquest, only to be defeated by a Gunhed platoon.

2035- The Final Wars, also known as the second Xilian war, destroys all the Earth’s major cities and brings Godzilla (3) out of hibernation.

2038- A thief named Brooklyn pilots a Gunhed through Island 8J0 to prevent the reawakening of Kyron 5.

2084- Facing defeat from the Daggra invasion, Miri travels back in time.

2097- The Godzilla Island Invasion: The last and largest Xilian invasion, bringing nearly every imaginable monster into the fray.

2100- The Jupiter Solarization project begins.

2125- When a quantum singularity enters the Solar System, the Jupiter Solarization project is canceled in favor of destroying the planet, which diverts the singularity back into space.

2204- Seeking to overthrow Japan, Futurian terrorists depart for the past. Mecha King Ghidorah is built.

2299- Godzilla (2), time traveling, destroys Harmony Cluster 9.

2500- The Sazer X resistance movement send their troops back in time.


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