Good Links


Tohoís Official Character Page The official page. Itís not in English, and doesnít have much great information, but itís still the official page, damn it.


Club Tokyo The site to go to if looking for info on Godzilla, Gamera, or Ultraman toys, and it has links to several good dealers, too.


Chibi Goji Toys My favorite Godzilla toy dealer; a very nice person with merchandise you wonít find anywhere else.


Henshin! Online Essentially an online magazine, with in-depth articles on all happening in the tokusatsu-related world. Good news source.


Monster Zero News Another good news source, with shorter, but more frequent, updates on mostly Godzilla-Gamera-Ultraman stuff.


Toho Kingdom The best English language compendium on Toho-made films, anywhere, it also has games, dvd reviews, lost projects, and much more.


Tokyo Monsters The best place for downloads, be they subtitles, video clips, wallpapers, issues of the Marvel Godzilla comic, screen caps, and more.


Video Daikaiju The best place for hard-to-find tokusatsu movies and TV.


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